Eating Locally in Prince George

Good Food Box
My July Good Food Box

I’m sure many of us who live in Prince George have heard variations on the common misconception that we’re a city in the cold tundra of the north, we suffer through wintery weather for half the year, and we couldn’t possibly grow or source our own local food, right? Of course, we locals know this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, we live in the northern part of BC (more central, if you want to be picky), and admittedly, it is winter for about six months here (though I wouldn’t say the snow adventurers among us are exactly “suffering”) but despite this, we have an abundance of options for eating locally from our own region. These options help build our community, encourage healthy eating and support our local farmers and providers.

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Prince George Good Food Box

My July Good Food Box
My July Good Food Box contents

I’m currently writing a blog post for the Move Up Prince George blog about all of the wonderful local food options in PG. You might be surprised by how easy it actually is to secure delicious produce and more from our very own region! (Look for this post on the MUPG blog in a couple weeks!)

One option for securing locally grown produce in PG is the Good Food Box, an amazing program that promotes healthy eating, healthy communities and local eating, and something I’ve been subscribing to for a couple years now. Jovanka, the program’s coordinator, was nice enough to share with me all the ins and outs of the program, including how to get your own Good Food Box!

Here, from Jovanka:

The Good Food Box is a monthly, bulk-produce buying program open to anyone interested in good nutrition and saving money.  No membership is required.  By pooling your money with others, you can increase your buying power and you can expect to save 30%-40% on your fresh fruit and vegetable purchases.  The program aims to help build a healthier community and local food system by encouraging consumption and appreciation of locally grown farm produce.  When local supplies are exhausted, we purchase through local wholesalers.

The intentions of the Good Food Box program are to encourage healthy eating, to increase local food production and to promote and educate consumers about our food system.  Through education and action, we can strive for a healthier community.

The contents of the box vary from season to season, depending on local availability, pricing and quality.  You can expect a variety of produce in every box including potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, salad greens and BC fruit.  The newsletter promotes local farmers, food events and recipes.

Locate the most convenient depot for your food box pick-up and then drop your $15.00 cash payment (exact change please) at the corresponding registration centre by the first Friday of the month.  You will receive a receipt that details the time and place to pick up your food box

Please help us reduce our impacts on the environment.  When you make your payment, please bring two similar cloth bags, labelled with your name and pick-up location.  Your produce will be packed into these.

Pick-up day is the third Wednesday of every month.  Don’t forget to pick up your order, as leftover boxes are donated to various programs the next morning.

Elder Citizen Recreation Ctr
Tel: 250-561-9381
1692 Tenth Avenue

Senior Activity Centre
Tel: 250-564-3287
425 Brunswick St

Kinsmen Hall
Tel: 250-562-8767
777 Kinsmen Place

Hart Pioneer Centre
Tel: 250-962-6712
6986 Hart Highway

Contact 250-960-7474 Rm 6-342

Brought to you by: Food First Network, Northern Health Authority, Elder Citizens Recreation Assoc., Hart Pioneer Centre, Kinsmen Hall, Prince George District Senior Activity Centre, Yellowhead Rotary, UNBC PG PIRG, and the volunteers that help to organize the boxes.  This is a non-profit venture.

For more info: 250-564-3859

Rediscovering PG as a Mom


Having lived in Prince George for nearly twenty years – almost two thirds of my life – I have held many roles here: high school student, college student, university student, part-time retail worker, weekend partier, outdoor explorer, volunteer, corporate professional, community advocate… the list could go on. But recently, I’ve taken on a new, very important role: new mom.

During the last couple of decades, as I’ve moved into adulthood, I’ve found my niche in Prince George. The city has provided me with amazing opportunities to grow to where I am today – opportunities I feel like I couldn’t have seen anywhere else, and I love what PG has to offer. I now have a great career, I started my own side business, I know where to get excellent Friday post-work cocktails, I love a good weekend hike or kayak trip, and I’ve been known to while away many hours on a patio or two enjoying some delicious appies and beverages. And I’m always up for trying new things, with next to no notice.

However, as any parent knows, as I took that extra step into a new kind of adulthood, many of the previously mentioned activities came to a screeching halt as soon as my daughter was born (ok, they all came to a halt, and of course, some even nine months before this big event). So where does that leave me and the identity I’ve carved out for myself in our fair city?

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