Northern Lights Estate Winery in Prince George

When you think of Prince George and our Northern BC climate, local wine probably doesn’t float to the top of your mind. But in June of 2015, the Northern Lights Estate Winery officially opened its doors, taking its place as BC’s northernmost winery.

Northern Lights Estate Winery

Being a lover of wine, someone who loves to visit the Okanagan in the summer and spend days wine touring, I was of course extremely happy to be able to drive just 10 minutes from my home in Prince George to visit our new winery. Since they opened, I’ve gone for tastings a couple of times and I recently went for my first tour of the winery and grounds. The tour was led by Development Partner Pat Bell, who shared a lot of interesting information about growing fruit, how the winery came to be, and their future plans.

Haskap wine at Northern Lights Estate Winery

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Best dishes in Prince George

Nine different food dishes found in Prince George
Some of the amazing dishes found in Prince George!

I was recently commissioned by a local organization to write a series of “Best of PG” blog posts for their use in a guide book and a future blog. It was sure a fun experience, although I worried that some of the posts would be too subjective – as in just my silly little opinion about what was the best of the best in our city. So for a couple of the posts, I posed questions to my Facebook and Twitter networks, asking what they felt ranked top in whatever category I was working on that day.

One of the posts was to be the Top 5 Local Dishes in Prince George. What a challenge! PG has so many amazing local restaurants and such a variety, where was I to even begin?! It was really hard work trying different meals in different venues, but someone had to do it! I think I finally chose a GREAT top 5… but of course you’ll have to wait until the article comes out to see what they are.

However, when I asked my Facebook friends what their favourite dishes in PG were, I got a huge list and I didn’t want to lose that. So I’m going to share it here: the restaurant and the dish (and if there is a number at the end, that means multiple people suggested it, so you really should try that one!).

WIthout further ado, the BEST dishes in Prince George, according to my Facebook network (may or may not include my final selections ;) ):

BX Pub – any burger
Cimo – calamari with roasted garlic mayo
Cimo – angel hair pasta (4)
Cimo – grilled tuna
Cimo – chef’s choice pasta
Copper Pig – tapas platter
Dana Mandi – vegetarian dishes with samosa and naan bread
Hart A&A Burger Bar – milkshakes
Mai Thai – pad thai
Nancy O’s – blue cheese steak frite
So Good – spicy salmon rolls
Spicy Green – pakora
Thanh Vu – hot and sour soup (2)
Thanh Vu – sweet and sour chicken over crispy noodles
Twisted Cork – tiramisu
Twisted Cork – Cobb salad
Twisted Cork – grilled cheese and soup for two
White Goose – any lunch special
Wasabi Sushi – wonton soup
Wasabi Sushi – wonton soup, no noodles extra vegetables
Wasabi Sushi – pineapple chicken noodle dish
Zoe’s Cafe – tuna sandwich on toasted gluten-free bread, hold the cheese

Phew! I bet you’re hungry now! How many meals from this list have you had? Are there any you would add?

Kayaking at Eaglet Lake near Prince George

Kayaking on Amanita LakeWhile most people think of Prince George as a very northern city, we’re actually located nearly smack in the middle of the province. Vanderhoof, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of Prince George, is actually the geographical centre of BC. Being so centrally located is very convenient when it comes to kayaking around Prince George, as we have a lot of choice around which direction to head!

I love exploring the area around Prince George – you really don’t have to go far to be “out in nature.” Heading northeast of the city is a great option for kayaking (and general exploring), as my husband and I discovered one lovely Sunday afternoon.

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